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esound [was: Re: Non-related 'Recommends' dependencies - bug or not?]

Frans Pop [2008-06-15 20:39 +0200]:
> Also, the package has had uploads of new upstream versions to Ubuntu 
> without getting similar uploads in Debian, but even there not by its 
> Debian maintainer who AFAIK is an Canonical employee. 

esound should *so much* die completely. It has very poor sound quality
(huge A/V desync when playing videos, etc.), very poor code quality
(it causes complete desktop locks very often, due to not being thread
safe), and is abandoned upstream. At least in Ubuntu nobody likes it,
and nobody wants to touch it, and we have not installed it by default
since 6.06 or even earlier. Apparently in Debian the amount of esound
love from the DDs is very similar. :-)

The only thing I know which really still needs the esound interface is
libgnome, for the sound events. However, Pulseaudio has a
compatibility layer which provides full esound emulation
(pulseaudio-esound-compat), without all the shortcomings of esd.

If you don't care about sound events, then IMHO you are much better
off with not having any sound server at all. At least in my personal
experience, using ALSA directly (which has had dmix enabled by default
for years) gives much better results.

For the record, Ryan Murray isn't a Canonical employee. Also, the last
upstream update was done by a community member who screwed it up
pretty severely (he dropped all the Debian and Ubuntu patches).
However, since nobody cares, we never fixed that. So please don't use
the Ubuntu package as a basis for a Debian upload.


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