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Bug#483179: reopen 483179, PTS: please do *not* link to Ubuntu Launchpad bugs page

On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 03:40:27PM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Hi Ana,
> On Fri, 13 Jun 2008, Ana Guerrero wrote:
> > 09:40  <buxy> ana: please stop ranting
> > 09:41  <buxy> ana: and accept my decision as PTS maintainer
> You might not like it, but it's how we work in such cases. For X people
> against, I can find X people who agree, and in such situations, unless
> you're ready to launch a GR, you have to accept the decison of the person
> in charge or be ready to do the supplementary work required to satisfy
> everybody (such as an option that lets you hide this box).

We all know launch a GR about this would be overreacting... :)
Main problem with this answer is not the content, is the way you expressed it
and my way of reading it (I read there "PTS is mine, shut up!").
I try to be open when I read it about what you mean, but you have to be more
careful in the way you communicate, specially since I know you are aware of
our communication problems in Debian.
> > But not, aparently Ubuntu is the only derivative that matters.
> It's the only derivative which has the infrastructure required to share
> such information with us and it's the only one that's big enough so
> that the information possibly hidden in their bug tracker could be of
> interest to us in some cases.

I asked somebody when bloging about this issue, invite another derivated
distros to submit the info about how we can tracking them. This is done now.
So fine on my side.

> > So please, remove the link to the ubuntu launchpad bugs and since some people 
> > think tracking derivated distros is interesting, make a new page, that can be 
> > visited optionally (or just forget about for who is not interested), where we 
> > can track whatever derivated distro people care about. 
> Just forget the box in the corner... it's the same as forgetting about a page
> (which would be linked from the PTS anyway).
> > Call it Debian Ecosystem Packaging Tracking System or something like that.  
> > You can start with Ubuntu there and if people is interested in another distros
> > they will submit their patches, and if another distros are interested in being
> > tracked, they will make it to be easy tracked.
> The day where we have more than one interesting distro to track, I'll
> gladly do that.
> > Heck! it could even track another distros, not only derivatives and being a 
> > first step for sharing patches across distributions, idea that is around without 
> > any implementation.
> Of course, this would be great and I'm interested in this, but it's not
> directly connected to the problem at hand.

Please, rename the bug title back to the original one and close it again (I
could do it but I did not fix it :) ). I will open a new bug with this.


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