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Bug#483179: reopen 483179, PTS: please do *not* link to Ubuntu Launchpad bugs page

reopen 483179
retitle 483179 PTS: please *do not* link to Ubuntu Launchpad bugs page


After Sandro Tosi filed this bug in a well-meaning way, several people
disagreed in this same bug report about the usefulness of this.
Even after this, the feature was implemented in the BTS, I do not like it
either, and raised this point in IRC, after some discussion I got an
answer I did not like at all:

09:40  <buxy> ana: please stop ranting
09:41  <buxy> ana: and accept my decision as PTS maintainer

Partially my fault because I did raise this in IRC instead of the bug report,
there the "ranting" part. Now, here I'm showing my disagreement in the BTS. 
About buxy's second sentence, it is not at all a way to "finish" a discussion.
Accept my disagreement (and other's disgreement) as Debian Developers.

I do care about what happens in whatever part of Debian on my packages, but
not at what happens in derivated distros. If somebody for $ANY derivative
distro find a bug that affects to Debian, this person should report in the 
BTS or notify to Debian maintainers, whatever that works fine for both parts. 

IMHO, the PTS is the Packaging Tracking System *in Debian*.

Then you are only considering one Debian derivative when Debian has
thousands, and we can not track all of them and not all of them have a easy
tracking system, but there are some big ones besides Ubuntu that could be
considered as well. For the KDE people a big derivative distro that uses KDE
would be more interesting to track, for science people a derivative distro
that is focused to science tools, and so on.
But not, aparently Ubuntu is the only derivative that matters.

So please, remove the link to the ubuntu launchpad bugs and since some people 
think tracking derivated distros is interesting, make a new page, that can be 
visited optionally (or just forget about for who is not interested), where we 
can track whatever derivated distro people care about. 
Call it Debian Ecosystem Packaging Tracking System or something like that.  
You can start with Ubuntu there and if people is interested in another distros
they will submit their patches, and if another distros are interested in being
tracked, they will make it to be easy tracked.

Heck! it could even track another distros, not only derivatives and being a 
first step for sharing patches across distributions, idea that is around without 
any implementation.


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