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Bug#483179: reopen 483179, PTS: please do *not* link to Ubuntu Launchpad bugs page

Hi Ana,

On Fri, 13 Jun 2008, Ana Guerrero wrote:
> 09:40  <buxy> ana: please stop ranting
> 09:41  <buxy> ana: and accept my decision as PTS maintainer

You might not like it, but it's how we work in such cases. For X people
against, I can find X people who agree, and in such situations, unless
you're ready to launch a GR, you have to accept the decison of the person
in charge or be ready to do the supplementary work required to satisfy
everybody (such as an option that lets you hide this box).

> Accept my disagreement (and other's disgreement) as Debian Developers.

I accept that you disagree, but I don't accept that you should have the last
word on this topic because you are not maintaining the PTS.

> But not, aparently Ubuntu is the only derivative that matters.

It's the only derivative which has the infrastructure required to share
such information with us and it's the only one that's big enough so
that the information possibly hidden in their bug tracker could be of
interest to us in some cases.

> So please, remove the link to the ubuntu launchpad bugs and since some people 
> think tracking derivated distros is interesting, make a new page, that can be 
> visited optionally (or just forget about for who is not interested), where we 
> can track whatever derivated distro people care about. 

Just forget the box in the corner... it's the same as forgetting about a page
(which would be linked from the PTS anyway).

> Call it Debian Ecosystem Packaging Tracking System or something like that.  
> You can start with Ubuntu there and if people is interested in another distros
> they will submit their patches, and if another distros are interested in being
> tracked, they will make it to be easy tracked.

The day where we have more than one interesting distro to track, I'll
gladly do that.

> Heck! it could even track another distros, not only derivatives and being a 
> first step for sharing patches across distributions, idea that is around without 
> any implementation.

Of course, this would be great and I'm interested in this, but it's not
directly connected to the problem at hand.

Raphaël Hertzog

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