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Re: Bug#483179: PTS: please link to Ubuntu Launchpad bugs page

Alexander Wirt [2008-05-28 17:09 +0200]:
> we have that great bugtracking system and on the other side there is some
> ubuntu guy who thinks a package needs a patch. Why is it not possible that
> the same guy who does the patch fills a bug in the bts? That would allow a
> maintainer to track the patch, add comments and would help other people to
> understand why a patch is/or is not added. 

That's indeed the best practice. In the past it clearly wasn't
followed by a lot of Ubuntu devs, but Ubuntu have taught new
developers to always send patches upstream. Some months ago the
submitted patches started to set user tags, so that they can be


> If we use that patch "service" (I don't call it a service, its a burden)
> where are some patches, some broken, many without context and with no option
> to track them or add comments we have all possible disadvantages that are
> possible with such a system. 

Right. It's not optimal at all, it's merely a system to immediately
see what Ubuntu changed. A lot of patches are Ubuntu specific, or were
at the time when they were created. 

Also, just as Debian maintainers do not forward all bugs to upstream
immediately, the same thing applies to Ubuntu maintainers. Of course
we always can (and try to) get better with time, right? :-)


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