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Bug#483179: PTS: please link to Ubuntu Launchpad bugs page

On 11399 March 1977, Marc Brockschmidt wrote:

>>> Ok, but then why on the PTS I can see the patches applied in Ubuntu? :)
>> Maybe because they aren't hidden in some non-free crap software?
>> As long as Launchpad is non-free one shouldn't think about using or
>> linking to it, Debian is about free software, build with free software,
>> etc...

> Last time I checked, Debian supports the use of non-free software
> through our BTS, PTS and mirror system. I don't think that we should
> reject links to launchpad based on "it's non-free" - there might be
> other, valid reasons, but Debian hasn't yet decided to remove all links
> to non-free content. [1]

You know that there is a *huge* difference between actually using it
yourself or leaving others the option to use it.

bye, Joerg
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