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on mass bug reassigning

Hi all,

This will be a short message because I have to leave, but wanted to
write this before anyone else "MBR's".
To make things easier I'll use the php4 and php5 packages as an example.

As almost everyone knows, php4 is already gone in unstable and
testing, being replaced by php5. Continuing with the current mass bug
closing "momentum" some people have started to mass bug reassign bugs
in php4 to php5, and one could say it is all right, although it is
*not*. When using the reassign command, all the package versions
information is lost, which makes it a little bit hard to organise and
to use the 'dist' BTS parameter, which is often used to just display
the bugs affecting unstable.

So I'd be delighted if a procedure is written to prevent this kind of
information lose, and to decide _when_ to MBR, or even try to contact
the package maintainers before doing it.

Atomo64 - Raphael

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