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Bug#359044: Developers summary page only showing a fraction of his packages

Re: Marcus Better 2007-01-12 <200701121013.10608.marcus@better.se>
> This broke again. Please compare
>   http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=WBaer@gmx.de
>   http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=wbaer@gmx.de
> The first shows 88 packages, the second only one.
> Perhaps the fix to #370454 broke it? Shouldn't e-mail addresses be case 
> insensitive?

Fwiw, this is a non-bug. What was actually broken was that the BTS
lower-cased the submitter address of #337828 but that is fixed now
(both in the wnpp bug and the BTS code).

Since this pops up so frequently I'll leave the report open as a
reminder to finally make ddpo use the carnivore data. That will make
both addresses show up.

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