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Re: Bug#404286: O: ldap2dns

Hey Igor,

On Thursday 04 January 2007 06:28, Igor Stroh wrote:
> I took over ldap2dns just in order to keep it in Debian.
Thanks for doing that.

> I checked the new 
> upstream version some time ago but haven't had the time to create a new
> package for it since iirc it didn't work cleanly with my old LDAP records¹
> and I couldn't figure out what the problem was.
> ¹: it wrote the tinydns records just fine, but $? was always 1
I am definitely interested in finding and fixing any backwards-compatibility 
problems.  I took over maintenance of the software since version 0.3.6 and as 
far as I know no incompatible changes have been made at least since then.  
Any chance I can get a copy of your LDAP data (or a sample) with which I can 
test?  I'll take a look at the source and find out what is causing the errant 
return code.  By chance have you tried any newer versions than 0.3.6?

> I'd say go ahead and take over the package (co-maintainership is fine too),
> but keep in mind, that you'd need to provide an upgrade procedure for
> older versions (see ¹).
Thanks, I'll accept the co-maintainership offer.  I'll email you directly in 
the future, I think the Debian request can be closed.

Best regards,
Ben Klang
Alkaloid Networks

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