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Re: Bug#404286: O: ldap2dns

Hi Ben,

Ben Klang wrote:
> Sorry if I went about this the wrong way.  I noticed that there were a three 
> bugs outstanding (some over a year old) and so I was attempting to report 
> that the package was apparently orphaned.  I do have an updated package which 
> I want to submit.  Perhaps you can steer me back in the right direction.
> Igor:  If you're getting these emails would you let me know if you're planning 
> on updating the package?
> I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this erroneous action.
> /BAK/

I took over ldap2dns just in order to keep it in Debian. I checked the new
upstream version some time ago but haven't had the time to create a new
package for it since iirc it didn't work cleanly with my old LDAP records¹
and I couldn't figure out what the problem was.
I'd say go ahead and take over the package (co-maintainership is fine too),
but keep in mind, that you'd need to provide an upgrade procedure for
older versions (see ¹).


¹: it wrote the tinydns records just fine, but $? was always 1

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