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Re: Dehs and developer.php

Re: Bluefuture 2006-03-15 <[🔎] 1142381562.6669.3.camel@localhost>
> > Could you chmod +rx the dehs code on haydn please? (Why is this
> > running in your $HOME at all instead of the web root?)
> The dehs code is already available to all on svn.debian.org. 
> The live program is running on my home and the web pages are in the web
> root. Anybody that is part of dehs group (dehs developer) has access to
> the live system. What kind of structure do you propose?

It is still nice to be able to see the live code with all temporary
files etc. (An additional plus is that I can just 'cat .svn/entries'
to see where the svn root is.) At the moment I can't do that.

[0] myon@haydn:/var/lib/gforge/chroot/home/users/evaso-guest $cd projects/
-bash: pushd: projects/: Permission denied

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