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Testing system upgrade from sarge to etch

I wrote a little script (attached) that creates a sarge chroot, installs
all packages of standard or higher priority, and then upgrades the whole
thing to etch.

I've just ran it, and with the exception of lpr, there were no problems.
lpr does cause a problem, but it seems to be because the chroot does not
contain /proc and the preinst that runs on upgrade calls
start-stop-daemon, which fails due to the lack of /proc. So, in the real
world, I don't think there's a problem.

I attempted to install all optional packages from sarge and do the test
with them, but that failed: it seems not all optional packages in sarge
are co-installable.

Should I run this regularly? Maybe improve it in some way?

Wolfen one, you are my midday moon and I your midnight sun.

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