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Joe Nahmias MIA?

is Joe Nahmis MIA?
He is the maintainer of the snownews package in which I am
interrested and which is outdated in unstable.
I talked to upstream and he also hasn't heard anything from
him for months.

I mailed the list-admins team because the websites say that
he is a member of it.
Pascal Hakim told me that he hasn't been active in the team
since a few months because it seems that he is very busy
with university work.
I mailed Joe to his debian address at 10 July and on 18 July
to his private email address. No answer yet.

His package snownews has an important bug (segfault:
#315557) which seems to be fixed in the new upstream

If it is possible I would create a package of the new
snownews version.
Regards and thanks

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