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Re: Source packages apparantly without any users (popcon)

Note that the RC bugs are integrated in total bug count:

I'm going to ignore the ones with no bugs for now.
Roxen seems to deserve some analysis of its own. Perhaps it could be strongly suggested to Turbo that he drop
the entire constellation of roxen3 packages (roxen3, libroxen-*)?

xmms-alarm-bmp1 (4 bugs, 1 RC, not in testing nor stable)

Uninstallable, and never had a maintainer upload. RC bug open 317 days. Should be removed.

uucpsend (1 bug)

156-day-old RC bug.  Suggest asking Joey to consider removing it.

sylpheed-claws-vcalendar-plugin (1 RC bug, not in testing nor stable)

138-day-old RC bug, but tagged "help".

sylpheed-claws-pgpinline-plugin (2 bugs, 1 RC, not in testing nor stable)

Grave bug "pending" since 4 May. Apparently the maintainer's sponsor is not awake. DD should contact maintainer and offer to help.

(contrib) php4-vpopmail (1 RC bug, not in testing nor stable)

RC bug 79 days old. vpopmail (same maintainer) has a bug "pending" since August 2004. Prod the maintainer;
he's probably MIA.

I'll get to the rest later...

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