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Re: Source packages apparantly without any users (popcon)

php-clamav (not filed RC bug, not in testing nor stable)

Uninstallable.  Mainainter needs a wake-up call.

pcrd (1 bug, same version in oldstable as in unstable)

124-day-old copyright file problem.  Maintainer needs a poke.

ninpaths (1 bug)

Might be OK to leave this.

(non-free) mush (2 bugs)

Same maintainer as vpopmail (Pawel Wiecek), but he seems to be maintaining this one a little more. There's still a two-month-old unapplied translation patch. Ping him?

lyskom-server (1 bug)

0 bugs now.  This seems well maintained and should therefore be kept.

ledstats (1 bug)

Likewise, 0 bugs now.

jukebox-mercury (2 bugs)

No maintainer uploads, last upload two years ago. Maintainer is maintaining his other packages though.

jsboard (8 bugs)

Trivial bugs 130 days old and more. Failed to acknowledge NMU from 2003. Not managing his bugs properly!
Maintainer needs a poke.


See jsboard.

(non-free) diablo (9 bugs, 1 RC bug, not in testing nor stable)

2 RC bugs, one 85 days old, one 143 days old. Not built on most architectures.
This should certainly be removed.

(contrib) charva (3 bugs, 1 RC bug, not in testing nor stable)

Uninstallable, FTBFS, last upload Jan 2004. Out of date w.r.t. upstream. Should certainly be removed.

zope-kinterbasdbda (orphaned, 1 bug)

Been waiting for new upstream version for over a year. Make a last call for a maintainer on debian-devel, then remove.

zmailer (14 bugs, 2 RC bugs, not in testing nor stable)

Last upload Jan 2004.  Should be removed.

xa+cv (2 bugs, 1 RC bug, not in testing nor stable)

Last upload in 2001. RC bug 305 days old. Should certainly be removed. Maintainer (Anthony Fok) is clearly MIA; his last upload was in June 2004, and the last before that in February 2004.

All his packages need orphaning or removal.

vmelilo (1 bug)

Functional, and only useful for some m68k subarches, so I wouldn't worry too much yet.

tcpquota (2 bugs)

Turbo Fredriksson again. Last upload 2002; trivial-to-fix minor bug open 144 days; hasn't closed bug fixed
in NMU 5 years ago.

radioclk (2 bugs)

1-year-old patch for switch to gettext-based debconf templates. Maintainer could use some prodding, but seems to be doing minimal maintenance, and it's rather special-purpose so I'm not surprised it has a low popcon count.

(non-free) qla2x00 (1 bug)

Driver-specific, maintained; no surprise that this is low on popcon.

nufw (7 bugs, 3 RC bugs, not in testing nor stable)

Not built on several architectures.  Uninstallable.  Bad version numbering.
Certainly should suggest to the maintainer that he remove this.

(non-free) mmix (2 bugs, 1 RC bug, not in testing nor stable)

Patched FTBFS bug open for over a year. Maintainer (Pablo S. Torralba) hasn't uploaded anything since November 2004. Remove it, and check whether the maintainer is MIA.

>manderlbot (1 bug, non-filed RC bug)
FTBFS fixed in NMU, not closed for over a year. Uninstallable. No maintainer upload since Feb 2004.
Ask maintainer to consider removing it.

linesrv (5 bugs)

221-day-old portability patch; maintainer said he was going to fix it in December. Maintainer appears to have
vanished; check for MIA and ask if he might want to remove the package.

>libgcr410 (3 bugs)
No idea.

kernel-patch-2.4.19-arm (1 RC bug)

Obsolete, should be removed eventually -- but you wouldn't expect it to be installed, so popcon rating means nothing.

happydigger (1 bug)

Maintained, relatively new, and highly field-specific. Popcon rating unsurprising.

atari-bootstrap (1 bug)

Another one of these weird m68k packages, which should certainly stay. Someone using popcon has installed it now, anyway.

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