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Re: Matthew Vernon MIA (Was: biosquid and Hmmer)

On Sat, 30 Jul 2005, Steve Langasek wrote:

I think that if such a change is made to the Uploaders: field of a package
without the maintainer's approval, this means that instead of just hijacking
the package, you've hijacked the package and then *lied* about it.  It isn't
comaintenance unless the parties explicitly agree to it.
Well, it does not necessary be a lie if you mention it explicitely in
the changelog.  If Matthew would not have shown up for whatever reason
I think it might have been a reasonable alternative to a not approved

If you meant that Nelson would only be added to the Uploaders: field with
Matthew's approval, then I guess I don't know why the QA team's input would
be required.
No, I wanted to hear you opinion if Matthew would not answer and my conclusion
(for a different case than this) seems to be that NMU should be prefered
over adding somebody to the Uploaders field, right?

For this actual case we will find a reasonable solution now that Matthew
spoke up.

Thanks for your input



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