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Re: The PTS should ask the maintainer to supply debtags information

Hello Raphaël,
In my opinion, debtags isn't yet at the point to "demand" debtags from
the maintainers. Our vocabulary is still in a state of flux, in fact we
have been discussing and changing the top-level facets again.

There is no notion of "complete" yet, most likely some facets will be
required, others will be optional. We've started working on this, but
there are many hidden problems surfacing, all of them in the
non-machine-solveable field of human understanding and language.

On the long run, I like the idea of integrating debtags status
information into the package/maintainer overview a lot. There has also
been work on writing an AI to assist in tagging. This has also been
discussed at DebConf AFAIK.

The lead for the debtags project is Enrico. I'm very busy, and I didn't
have much time for debtags recently. So I don't really know the current
state of the vocabulary, only what I get from the discussion on the
debtags mailing list and subversion commits.

best regards,
Erich Schubert
     erich@(vitavonni.de|debian.org)    --    GPG Key ID: 4B3A135C     (o_
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