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Re: The PTS should ask the maintainer to supply debtags information

Last Wednesday 20 July 2005 21:53, Raphaël Hertzog was like:
> Hello,
> following the previous thread concerning listing of ubuntu patches in
> the PTS, I have a similar idea but concerning the debtags project.
> Erich, could you provide (regularly, at least daily) a file listing
> packages which are not yet fully categorized within debtags ?
> If possible i'd like it to be even more fine-grained... you could
> provide a list of missing facets for each package. For each facet,
> you must tell us the URL at which we should redirect people so that they
> select the appropriate tags concerning that facet.
> (I think that the redirected webpage should only display tags associated
> to a single facet, otherwise it gets too complicated to handle)
> The problem is a bit complicated because not all facets may make sense
> for a given package... but you could maybe find out a subset of facet
> that a package must implement ?
> (or you can add a tag "this facet doesn't apply to the package" to each
> facet so that the maintainer can express the fact that this facet has
> been dealt with and that it's not applicable)

I've been looking at the debtags editor recently with the idea of clarifying 
the tags for various multimedia applications. I assume this is the 
appropriate tool to use?

I'm slightly confused as to why the tags specific to A/DeMuDi appear in the 
'section' section rather than 'sound'. We can encourage the users to 
contribute to this as well as providing useful bug-reports, via the a-users 
mailing list. 

We need to ensure that non-DeMuDi specific issues in the DeMuDi issue tracker 
have appropriate reports in Debian's BTS. Is there a way of doing this that 
would avoid filing mass bug reports? 

The debtags system is a little obtuse for ordinary users, is that a desirable 
filter? i.e. only those who can be bothered to try and understand it need 

A little guidance could go a long way here.


tim hall

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