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The PTS should ask the maintainer to supply debtags information


following the previous thread concerning listing of ubuntu patches in
the PTS, I have a similar idea but concerning the debtags project.

Erich, could you provide (regularly, at least daily) a file listing
packages which are not yet fully categorized within debtags ?

If possible i'd like it to be even more fine-grained... you could
provide a list of missing facets for each package. For each facet,
you must tell us the URL at which we should redirect people so that they
select the appropriate tags concerning that facet.
(I think that the redirected webpage should only display tags associated
to a single facet, otherwise it gets too complicated to handle)

The problem is a bit complicated because not all facets may make sense
for a given package... but you could maybe find out a subset of facet
that a package must implement ?
(or you can add a tag "this facet doesn't apply to the package" to each
facet so that the maintainer can express the fact that this facet has
been dealt with and that it's not applicable)

Again, the integration within the PTS is not very difficult and it may
improve general awareness concerning the debtags effort. I'd like to see
something like that...


PS: Filipo/Jeroen, I'm ccing you because I don't have time to implement
this idea. Maybe are you interested in implementing it ?
Raphaël Hertzog

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