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Re: Removing old orphaned packages?

* Martin Michlmayr [Sat, 11 Jun 2005 22:26:41 +0100]:

> Thanks for doing this.  Getting rid of some orphaned packages has been
> on my todo list for after sarge too.  Personally, I'd be _way_ more
> aggressive than you.  In my opinion, everything that has been orphaned
> for 6 months (or even 3 months) should go. 

  Another option which has been proposed in the past is to remove
  orphaned packages from testing. Here one could be really aggressive
  without too much woe (1 month?), since the packages will remain in
  unstable for a bit. Only, a case-by-case decision would be needed when
  there are depending packages involved...

  What do you think, would it be worthy?

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