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Re: What about the Bugzilla package ?

On Mon, Dec 13, 2004 at 04:54:21PM +0100, Alexis Sukrieh wrote:
> * Francesco P. Lovergine (frankie@debian.org) disait :
> > On the basis of this you could start with active co-maint. Eventually
> > adoption could be considered if Remi appeared MIA within a couple of
> > weeks. I could sponsor you for future uploads.
I'm not MIA ;-) But I won't work on "my" packages soon.  
> According to what has been said on #debian-bugs, I'll follow up sending
> some NMU's when it is welcome to do it.
> But I won't add myself as a co-maintainer unless Rémi Perrot says
> himself that it is ok. I don't want to hijack the package ;)
It is OK for me. You are very welcome.
If you want the key a the alioth pkg-debian site, let's me know.

> By the way, A new release of bugzilla is available on my repo, fixing
> two bugs (#213420 and #284768).
>  bugzilla (2.16.7-0.3) unstable; urgency=low
>    * Added French translation of Debconf screens added in previous NMU.
>    * It is now not allowed to set an invalid cookie path in the preferences CGI.
>      (closes: #213420)
>    * Added debian-init.pl to perform some initialisation. Can print a small
>      error message if globals.pl is not readable.
>      (closes: #284768)

Well I think that bonzia package need also to be maintain.

Best regards

Rémi Perrot

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