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Re: [Fwd: Re: [RFC] Software Process Improvement in Free Software, Closing the Quality Cycle, Inventing Non-Developer-Demotivating QA/QM/SPI]

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
* Thomas Schorpp <t.schorpp@gmx.de> [2004-11-05 19:05]:

What I could do for (with) You is to start with QA Process Assessments
to determine capability leaks. Such data and scores could be used then
to optimize the debian-qa processes in steps of years.

Free software works by people simply doing things and contributing
them to the community.  If other people are interested, it will be
picked up.

Sorry, requirements for QM/SPI- projects is to assure that before start or error or failure risks would be too high.

I suggest you do a QA process assessments of Debian and
write up your findings in a way Debian people will be able to
understand.  Based on this document, we can discuss further steps.

I agree with that, but I can do it only with participation of Your team, never alone.

So I should work out or point You to a basics introdution.

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