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need some advices (k3b)

Here I'm taking some new package I know for using it, in order to tell
if it's of RQ or not. But need some advices of the list to tell what I
have to do ...

  there is no RC ones, juste 2 important:
  #249338: unable to find growisofs when its installed <--- I have a DVD
           writer, and all works fine for me, I've no problem at all.
           For me the bug isn't reproducible
  #253177: k3b crashes when adding audio files <-- It's true, with some
           particular audio files, it happens to segfault, but it's very
           I think it sould be anyway forwarded to upstream and should
           not work aginst RQ

lintian : 
here, there is some problems :

W: k3b: executable-not-elf-or-script ./usr/bin/k3bsetup
    --> that's true, /usr/bin/k3bsetup #! line is not at the first one,
    (it's starting with the GPL header) so I think it should be a
    maintainer patch rather than to let it be like this

W: k3b: menu-item-contains-unknown-tag kderemove /usr/lib/menu/k3b:7
    there is a : kderemove="y" \ line ?!
    which look like some menu-policy violation ?

W: k3b: possible-unindented-list-in-extended-description
    thats true, but it doesnt appear to me to be such an horrible thing
    (maybe I'm wrong)

E: k3blibs: shlib-missing-in-control-file /names follows/
    here we have a ... problem against RQ i think

So what sould I do ? ask (politely ...) to the maintainer if he can fix
the lintian issues ?

And when it will be done, does the package will be of Release Quality ?
or is there still problems I missed ?

best regards,
Pierre Habouzit

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