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3ddesktop / release quality

Hi !

I introduce myself : I'm not a debian developper, but want to help the
debian-qa team, that's why i'm taking the package that are not in woody
but in sarge, to determine if yes or no, they are of release quality or
not. moreover, I'm french, and my english is not very good (I've not a
very extended vocabulary). So my apologies if the following seems a
little rude.

3ddesktop is a package of yours, and has some bugs that are really easy
to correct like :
 * #234390 since it's corrected in 0.2.5 upstream version according to
   the upstream Changelog
 * #234391 : the actual version is 0.2.6 ...
 * #222196 : closed, the option does not exist, replaced by a better one

-> #160016 should be forwarded to upstream
-> #234724 ............................... too

I've worked on your package, here is the result :

I've :
 * updated manpages
 * updated control
 * updated changelog
 * removed useless debian/*.ex files
 * cleaned up the diff file

the package :
 * is lintian clean
 * seems to make linda explode (?!)
 * build in pbuilder

You'll have to rebuild the package yourself since i've a Nvidia Card,
and it messes up the auto shlibs deps on libGL.so.1 (and didn't found a
workaround to fix it)

I want you to know that if you don't answer to this within the two next
weeks, i'll find some sponsor in order to make a NMU on the package.

best regards,
Pierre Habouzit

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