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Re: Rene Weber MIA?

Il sab, 2004-04-10 alle 00:01, Tollef Fog Heen ha scritto:
> It seems Christian never NMUed dailystrips, so I've uploaded an NMU to
> DELAYED/5-day, just to give him a chance to react.  It's just a
> packaging of the new upstream version, no real changes needed.  The
> NMU closes 9/10 bugs against the package, only #113007 is left.

Hi Tollef,
I had time for it when I wrote about dailystrips' situation. Now I can't
find time for it, at this moment I mean. So, thanks for your

> Rene, are you MIA?  If you are, or are too busy, would you give away
> dailystrips?  It seems like it could use a little more attention than
> some every second year. :)

A few seconds year would be a good result! ;-)
I didn't receive an ack from Rene, even if I wrote several months ago,
several times, to several different addresses.

I hope we can find a maintainer for dailystrips too! :)


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