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Re: Rene Weber MIA?

* Martin Michlmayr 

| * Christian Surchi <csurchi@debian.org> [2004-02-09 12:40]:
| > I've tried to contact him because of old dailystrips packages, but no
| > reply in more or less one year... 
| Sorry, I wanted to reply to this a few days ago but got distracted.
| Yes, there are quite a few wishlist bugs requesting new upstream
| releases; according to LDAP, he hasn't been since end of 2002.  So
| far, I have never contacted him.  I think you should just NMU
| dailystrips with the new version; can you also please bounce (not
| forward, bounce) the mail you sent to him to me so I can archive it.
| I'll try to contact him, too.

It seems Christian never NMUed dailystrips, so I've uploaded an NMU to
DELAYED/5-day, just to give him a chance to react.  It's just a
packaging of the new upstream version, no real changes needed.  The
NMU closes 9/10 bugs against the package, only #113007 is left.

Rene, are you MIA?  If you are, or are too busy, would you give away
dailystrips?  It seems like it could use a little more attention than
some every second year. :)

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