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Happy Birthday!

The following bugs are celebrating their birthday today:

Turning three:

    1999/11/05 49220 man2html open normal
    1999/11/05 49227 cvs-pcl open normal
    1999/11/05 49237 emacs20 forwarded normal patch
    1999/11/05 49258 plotmtv open normal help wontfix
    1999/11/05 49272 xanim forwarded normal
    1999/11/05 49279 ldso open normal

Two years today:

    2000/11/05 76293 perl open normal
    2000/11/05 76316 cdtool open normal
    2000/11/05 76322 apt open normal
    2000/11/05 76337 xdm open normal upstream

First birthday ever!

    2001/11/05 118303 konsole forwarded normal
    2001/11/05 118309 dlint forwarded normal
    2001/11/05 118314 surfraw forwarded important
    2001/11/05 118321 yada open important patch
    2001/11/05 118327 modutils open normal
    2001/11/05 118332 xpostit open normal
    2001/11/05 118337 bitchx open normal
    2001/11/05 118358 glcpu open normal
    2001/11/05 118363 kdelibs3 forwarded normal
    2001/11/05 118365 kdelibs3 forwarded normal
    2001/11/05 118368 wmaker open normal
    2001/11/05 118377 libxml2-dev open normal
    2001/11/05 118403 samba-doc open normal

Wishlist and fixed bugs ignored.

If people are interested in getting a daily list of old, old bugs to work
on, I could fairly easily automate this. If no one's interested, it'd
probably end up as just more spam to delete. Maybe k-rad QA hackers out
there can show their interest by fixing all the aforementioned bugs? :)

The day on which the most bugs celebrate their birthday is 14th July,
thanks mainly to LaMont Jones and hppa, with a little over 100 bugs
still open since 14/07/2001... Next best is 26th March with 69, which
looks like it has Adam Heath and /usr/share/doc to thank.


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