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Re: WNPP bug overview

* Bas Zoetekouw <bas@A-Eskwadraat.nl> [20011117 17:32]:
> I've written a script which generates overviews of the wnpp BTS entry.

Where are the sources?

> The following errors were encountered:

The error checking doesn't work properly.

>  - 92447: ITA'ed package "siag" does not exist in archive

It exists but is a source package; however, ITAs should be about source and
not binary packages anyway.

 | Package: siag
 | Binary: xpw, xsiag, siag-common, egon, siagoffice-plugins, siagoffice-common, tsiag

>  - 104197: ITA'ed package "kannel" does not exist in archive

kannel is in non-US.

Martin Michlmayr

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