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Re: WNPP bug overview

On Sat, 17 Nov 2001, Bas Zoetekouw wrote:

> Hi guys!

Hi Bas!

> I've written a script which generates overviews of the wnpp BTS entry.
> An example of a report in included below.  These reports should enable

There are two serious bugs in your script:

1. Your script wants to retitle an RFA that was retitled to ITA to O
   instead of RFA.

2. Your script does only look at the "xyz days old" age at the bug but not
   at the day of the last retitle. Consider e.g. a 98 days old RFP.
   Someone retitles it to ITP because he wants to package this program.
   Your script wants to retitle it back three days later. The same is true
   for O/RFA and ITA.



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