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Re: WNPP bug overview

On Sat, 17 Nov 2001, Bas Zoetekouw wrote:

> Both are fixed now (I hope). The output now becomes:
Thanks for your effort, Bas!

> The following packages are up for removal from the archive[1]:
How many days do we have until removal?
I would like at least the diff files archived because this could
perhaps help future maintainers if they decide to package upstream
from scratch.

>  - O: yc-el, 400 days, main, 0 RC bugs
>  - O: python-gendoc, 398 days, main, 0 RC bugs
>  - O: xpuzzles, 706 days, main, 0 RC bugs
> ...
I would like to have the short description here.  I really want to
take care about the packages marked [Biology].  That way I could grep
your list easily instead od searching the archive for each package
name.  Others may think about adopting a package if they could have
a glimpse about the sense of this stuff.

Kind regards


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