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Bug#115991: use link tag to specify first, prev, next, and last

>> 1) Please cite the section and name of standard you are referring to
>It is present in the HTML 4.01 specification[1], among others.

MHonArc's HTML output does not claim to be 4.01 compliant;
note the DTD below which I think is indicative of HTML 3.2.


>> 2) Almost any aspect of index and message page is configurable.
>>    Is your bug specifically against the default configuration of mhonarc?
>Yes, against the default configuration.

I don't want to have the Debian default configuration vary from
upstream, because MHonArc customizations are all deltas against the
default config. Changing the default config for Debian will likely
screw up people's custom MHonArc configurations.

Suggest you take this change request or contribute a patch directly to
upstream. The MHonArc mailing list is mhonarc@ncsa.uiuc.edu. I don't
think you'll have much luck though, due to the vast installed mhonarc
base, but you never know.  


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