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Bug#115991: use link tag to specify first, prev, next, and last

On Thu, Oct 18, 2001 at 11:15:36PM -0700, Jeff Breidenbach wrote:
> >> 1) Please cite the section and name of standard you are referring to
> >
> >It is present in the HTML 4.01 specification[1], among others.
> MHonArc's HTML output does not claim to be 4.01 compliant;
> note the DTD below which I think is indicative of HTML 3.2.

Well, it is also included in HTML 3.2[1], which appears to be the
earliest non-obsoleted standard.

> >> 2) Almost any aspect of index and message page is configurable.
> >>    Is your bug specifically against the default configuration of mhonarc?
> >
> >Yes, against the default configuration.
> I don't want to have the Debian default configuration vary from
> upstream, because MHonArc customizations are all deltas against the
> default config. Changing the default config for Debian will likely
> screw up people's custom MHonArc configurations.
> Suggest you take this change request or contribute a patch directly to
> upstream. The MHonArc mailing list is mhonarc@ncsa.uiuc.edu. I don't
> think you'll have much luck though, due to the vast installed mhonarc
> base, but you never know.  

OK, I'll do so.  Feel free to close this bug if you'd like.


1. http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html32#link

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