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Re: more about /usr/share transition

Le Wed, May 16, 2001 at 10:53:17AM +0200, Adrian Bunk écrivait:
> Sorry, but these are "serious" bugs. We want to have /usr/doc symlinks for
> _all_ our packages in woody.

Why ? What does it gain us ?

I'm against submitting more & more RC bugs that are not worth it
considering that we don't have the resources available to fix them.
Furthermore all those RC bugs that won't get fixed will just be useful
to prevent more packages from sid to get into testing.

Feel free to ask the maintainer to update their packages but don't submit
them as RC bugs. Feel free to provide the list of packages to fix on a web
page somewhere and feel free to do NMU to fix all those problems.

But don't submit them as bugs. Or take care yourself that they'll get
fixed within 2-3 weeks (and do NMUs for the packages whose maintainer
won't do it).


PS: It's great to want to be to the best dist out there. But we must still
be a bit pragmatic before doing things. 
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