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Re: more about /usr/share transition

Le Wed, May 16, 2001 at 08:48:14AM +0200, Martin Quinson écrivait:
> I think we could make a dh_fhs, which insert the code fragment given in the
> policy in the files, and move anything still in /usr/doc or /usr/man to
> /usr/share.

Why ? debhelper does already do all this stuff.

> What do you think about this all, guys ? Should I report critical bugs
> against the above packages (the policy says "must") ? 

No, please no. It's really too much nitpicking here, those bugs aren't
so important. All the packages are still fully usable. 

BTW, it would have been severity "serious" and not "critical".

We really have enough other RC bugs to fix to not need those. 

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