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How to adopt a package


I want to adopt a package (zile). It's listed as orphaned in the
wnpp. I already mailed to wnpp and the former maintainer a bit more
than a week ago (just after the last update of the wnpp on the web, it
seems), but got no reactions. The former maintainer orphaned it in
January 1999 (see

I already did some work on the package, and now it is mostly compliant
with policy 3.1.1 (delete/backspace doesn't work correctly yet under
X) and fixed all bugs reported on the package (the patches to close 3
of the 4 bugs were in the BTS, too :-) ).

Now, I surely can't just upload the package pretending to be the new

What needs to happen before I can upload?

(Please CC me as I'm not on the list)


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