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Re: Your offer regarding bug #28704

[please retain CC to bts]

>Quoting your bugreport at http://bugs.debian.org/28704:
>> I volunteer to do NMUs for SGML packages to help the transition...

>Would you indeed do this? I would like to do it but I have no
>knowledge of SGML and do not use the packages. I think it should be
>done by somebody how uses it.  I could not try if it works...  If you
>do not do this I will open a new QA task - hopefully somebody will
>pick it up.

Actually, I think maybe we should just downgrade this.  The fact is
that I don't think that FHS complaince (/usr/lib/sgml ->
/usr/share/sgml) is really release critical.

Anyhow this transition is a little tricky.


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