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Please update the BTS

close 35002

Hi Tyson, 

I just wanted to recompile you xmhtml1-dev package against the current potato
because you did not answer to bug #35002. As I noticed you have long uploaded a
new version of the package which fixes the bug. 

Please don't forget to update the BTS when you upload your packages as we 
have far too many bugs already and they always grow if you don't take care 
of it.

You can close a bug by mailing to 12345-done@bugs.debian.org with the reason
(12345 is the bug number), mailing to control@bugs.debian.org like I did with
this mail using the close command or add something like

	closes: #12345, #35002

to your changelog and use a current dpkg-dev. This will tell dinstall to close
those bugs when processing your upload. 

Please help us improving the quality of Debian.


Torsten Landschoff for the Debian QA Group

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