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Re: Upstream maintainers are sleeping (Was: Reviving Debian QA

On Tuesday 30 March 1999, at 0 h 24, the keyboard of Martin Schulze 
<joey@finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE> wrote:

> Quite easy.  Many upstream maintainers aren't aware that some Debian
> people picked up their package and worked on them. 

As a rule, I *always* ask for permission of upstream authors. Even when the 
package is GPL and I don't really need the permission. That way, I'm sure the 
author actually read my message and processed it. If it does not reply, I 
insist, with exponential backoff. Until now, it always succeeded, even with 
biologists (which typically never include a licence in the tarball and do not 
show the slightest interest in legal matters).

That way, they are informed there is a Debian package. I tell them about 
source packages and how to get the diff, too. It is not a legal obligation, 
but I think it is simply polite. And it's more efficient: it increases the 
probability that they inform me of new releases, that they direct to me Linux 
questions, etc.

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