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Re: Upstream maintainers are sleeping (Was: Reviving Debian QA

Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> On Monday 29 March 1999, at 1 h 17, the keyboard of Adam Di Carlo 
> <aph@debian.org> wrote:
> >   * check that patches that should be sent upstream are being sent
> >     upstream -- I think this is very important and I think we have a
> >     bit of a bad reputation on this count.
> Could you elaborate? After all, source packages are available for the upstream 
> developers.

Quite easy.  Many upstream maintainers aren't aware that some Debian
people picked up their package and worked on them.  Thus they don't
know about the source and diff files we provide.  Our basic rules (DFSG/SC)
state that we forward patches upstream.  We *have* to ensure that this
is actually done.

Since I also tend to forget this when the upstream people aren't
easily to reach and I'm in a hurry, I know what I'm speaking about.

Well, upstream maintainers ignoring our patches are bad but we can't
do anything against them other than forking our own version - but
most maintainers don't feel comfortable with maintaining the upstream
package as well.  Still we should send patches upstream, they may
notices and include them at some time, also pointing them to our
source archives is a good idea.



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