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Re: rxvt doesn't read .Xdefaults

> On 00-03-02 Brian Mays wrote:
> > Christian - In short, no.  I have two options, either use .Xdefaults
> > or use the X resources mechanism.  The .Xdefaults file is a
> > depreciated feature of X and has been replaced by X resources.
> > Virtually all

Christian Kurz <shorty@debian.org> wrote:

> Ah and why isn't the user informed during an upgrade about this? If
> you don't look at all the Text in /usr/share/doc/rxvt/, you won't find
> this information. Also in FAQ.Debian.gz the user only get's told that
> he should put some values into .Xresources if he wants to change them
> for all time. But not explanation that this file is preferred by X.

Christian - I'll add this in the FAQ for in the next release.


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