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Re: rxvt doesn't read .Xdefaults

On 00-03-02 Brian Mays wrote:
> > I don't want to submit a bug report because I don't think that this
> > is really necessary. I just installed rxvt and wondered about the
> > default colors. After changing my .Xdefaults they didn't change and I
> > recompiled the rxvt. Could you please remove the switch --xgetdefault
> > so that rxvt reads the .Xdefaults-file?

> Christian - In short, no.  I have two options, either use .Xdefaults or
> use the X resources mechanism.  The .Xdefaults file is a depreciated
> feature of X and has been replaced by X resources.  Virtually all

Ah and why isn't the user informed during an upgrade about this? If you
don't look at all the Text in /usr/share/doc/rxvt/, you won't find this
information. Also in FAQ.Debian.gz the user only get's told that he
should put some values into .Xresources if he wants to change them for
all time. But not explanation that this file is prefered by X.

> I suggest that either you run "xrdb -merge .Xdefaults" or place your
> configuration in .Xresources instead.


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