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Re: rxvt doesn't read .Xdefaults

> I don't want to submit a bug report because I don't think that this
> is really necessary. I just installed rxvt and wondered about the
> default colors. After changing my .Xdefaults they didn't change and I
> recompiled the rxvt. Could you please remove the switch --xgetdefault
> so that rxvt reads the .Xdefaults-file?

Christian - In short, no.  I have two options, either use .Xdefaults or
use the X resources mechanism.  The .Xdefaults file is a depreciated
feature of X and has been replaced by X resources.  Virtually all
other X programs use X resources.  Therefore, rxvt should also use X

I suggest that either you run "xrdb -merge .Xdefaults" or place your
configuration in .Xresources instead.


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