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iswpace [was: Motif FTBFS on non-linux due to YYSTYPE]

Hi Graham,

[Side note: maybe we can stop using the @packages.debian.org address, I
don't think anybody else is listening.]

On 25-05-13 21:08, Graham Inggs wrote:
> Thanks for uploading!

Thank you for the nice cooperation so far, it has been a pleasure.

> I will file the bugs against the reverse dependencies of lesstif2-dev in
> Debian.

Good, but I think it is also good to wait until all architectures have
build successfully.

> I will also file one in Ubuntu to remove openmotif and replace with motif.

Good. (Same holds as above. And please let me know the bug number or
subscribe me (paul-climbing))

I believe the following is a minor thing, but I wanted to let you know
anyway. I am looking at [1], which is accessible from the top of the QA
page [2] and see that we have an interesting issue. The first item is
mentioned as an error on ia64 and powerpc:

DataF.c:4581:35: warning: array subscript is above array bounds

I don't really think it is a problem at this location, but looking at
the code I see the text:
/* This routine accepts an array of wchar_t's containing wchar encodings
 * of whitespace characters (and the number of array elements), comparing
 * the wide character passed to each element of the array.  If a match
 * is found, we got a white space.  This routine exists only because
 * iswspace(3c) is not yet standard.  If a system has isw* available,
 * calls to this routine should be changed to iswspace(3c) (and callers
 * should delete initialization of the array), and this routine should
 * be deleted.  Its a stop gap measure to avoid allocating an instance
 * variable for the white_space array and/or declaring a widget wide
 * global for the data and using a macro.  Its ugly, but it works and
 * in the long run will be replaced by standard functionality. */

Maybe we should think about patching motif (and sending that upstream
obviously) to use iswspace (part of libc6). What do you think? It would
mean that motif because more locale aware with respect to whitespaces,
because now it only declares " ", \t and \n, while there are more


[1] https://buildd.debian.org/~brlink/packages/m/motif.html
[2] http://packages.qa.debian.org/m/motif.html

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