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Motif FTBFS on non-linux due to YYSTYPE

Hi Graham,


Now that we have motif in Debian/main, I would like to fix the fact that
motif FTBFS on non-linux systems. That is needed if we want to replace
lesstif2 as that is now available on more Debian platforms than motif.

I think I know where it goes wrong (I have to check to be sure) but I
don't understand why the offending check is there. The problem (I think)
is in clients/uil/UilDefI.h on line 273 and was fixed for Mac OS X in
motif bug 1479:
#if defined(linux) || defined(__APPLE__)

Do you understand why the if would be there at all? I tend to just
remove it or add a defined(__GNU__), which I think will prevent the
issue. When motif has migrated to the mirrors, I will test if this is
really the issue on some porterboxes.

If we fixed the FTBFS, do you want to start filling wishlist bugs
against the reverse dependencies of lesstif2-dev? (I am working on nedit
already). Or do you want me to start them? If you do, please don't
forget to tag them with the lesstif2motif usertag.


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