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Bug#483787: songwrite: New version available upstream

Hi Ralf,

> I could help you out with this (improving the packaging, and eventually
> sponsor an upload to debian).

Just great, I'm ok!

>  However this would require an upload of
> a new package (since it is songwrite2 now), and since we are already in
> freeze it might be too late to get this into wheezy. We will see what
> the release team says.

I read the negative answer from the release team. Wouldn't it be
possible to keep the package name for wheeze then rename it after Wheezy
is out?

> Where did you get songwrite2_0.4.2-1.tar.gz upstream tar ball ? I looked
> at http://download.gna.org/songwrite/ but the most recent I could find there
> was Songwrite2-0.4.1.tar.gz.

Indeed I'm working with the SVN trunk. 0.4.2 is not officially released,
our numbering is a bit wrong. See the end of the changelog file:


I'm in touch with the upstream author and he's very responsive when I
encounter issues. However we should certainly use the official 0.4.1 for

> PS : you are not by any chance coming to debconf12 in Managua, are you ?

No, it's way too far, although the trip is certainly worth being done!
Debconf 2013 will be a better option for me. I also travel to Paris from
time to time.


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