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Bug#483787: songwrite: fixing RC bug would require new source package

Hello release team,

songwrite is currently orphaned and has an RC bug #672210. The problem is 
that the version of songwrite is much too old, in fact upstream has since
october 2007 (!) moved from songwrite to songwrite2. IMHO, fixing #672210
would require to upload a *new* package songwrite2, and make songwrite
a transitional package to songwrite2. Would it still be possible to get
this into wheezy ?

There is already a package for songwrwite2 in a debian derivative called
doudoulinux (http://www.doudoulinux.org/), and they would be willing to
maintain the package for debian. It needs a bit of work to bring it
up to debian standards but I would be willing to help them out and
sponsor an upload.

Cheers, and hope to see you in Managua in a few days -Ralf.

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