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Re: Releasing ncurses

On 2010-02-18 11:27 +0100, Craig Small wrote:

> Hello Sven, Thomas and anyone tracking ncurses,
>  Apologies if you get double posts, I'm not sure if you are subscribed
> to the packages email alias or not.

I am, but I much rather receive a message twice than never. 

> I think we're pretty close where we should be putting out a Debian
> release of ncurses.
> I'd like #556378 fixed beforehand, if possible. This is the -static
> problem, which Sven tried to fix with the --without-dlsym and had
> build troubles.  If I can get some idea on how tricky it is to fix we
> can then work out wether or not we fix it this time.
> There's two important bugs that are fixed but not closed off, that's a
> BTS problem not a ncurses problem.
> The remaining important level bug #569227 looks more like a shell
> problem, not ncurses. In any case it seems somewhat specific to the
> submitters setup.

Yes, apparently very few people experience it or it would have been
reported before.  Neither do I have any idea what could have caused it.

> Is there anything else we really need to get sorted out before this
> release?

It seems to me that we need a shlibs bump as there are two new
functions, is_pad() and is_subwin(), see the 20090906 NEWS entry.
Which means that we could disrupt whatever transition is going on right
now.  Sorry for not noticing this earlier.

Reading the 20100123 NEWS entry I'm also not sure if #542031 is really
fixed in master yet.


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