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Re: Releasing ncurses

On Thu, 18 Feb 2010, Craig Small wrote:

Hello Sven, Thomas and anyone tracking ncurses,
Apologies if you get double posts, I'm not sure if you are subscribed
to the packages email alias or not.

I think we're pretty close where we should be putting out a Debian
release of ncurses.

I'd like #556378 fixed beforehand, if possible. This is the -static
problem, which Sven tried to fix with the --without-dlsym and had
build troubles.  If I can get some idea on how tricky it is to fix we
can then work out wether or not we fix it this time.

It seems small enough that I can do it in my normal cycle on (this) Saturday.

Outside of bug-reports like this, I've been mainly working on the mingw port. The sp-funcs stuff is reasonably stable, but probably not a good thing to turn on in a new release.

The dlsym and the proposed separate-packaging for Ada95 are the only new items that I recall.

There's two important bugs that are fixed but not closed off, that's a
BTS problem not a ncurses problem.

The remaining important level bug #569227 looks more like a shell
problem, not ncurses. In any case it seems somewhat specific to the
submitters setup.

agree (there's nothing that I can see to followup on).

Is there anything else we really need to get sorted out before this

Not that I recall

Thomas E. Dickey

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