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Bug#549137: isdnutils: Pending removal of automake{1.4,1.7}, please update for automake1.9 or higher

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Barry deFreese (bdefreese@debian.org):
>> I was going to try to start from the newer upstream and see if I
>> could fix the build system to just use automake 1.1x but it has
>> sever reverse depends and I don't know the effect it might have on
>> those.  Do you have any thoughts on that?  I'm happy to try to help
>> with the autotools stuff.
> No, I don't have any thoughts..:)
> I went on this package because its templates were changed by the former
> maintainer (Paul Slootman) when he uploaded the last version....
> Paul actually apparently tried to fix every pending bug report in the
> package before orphaning it (obvisouly because he ack'ed that, not
> using it anymore he could not maintain it properly).
> So, my involvment there is just to bring back the debconf l10n to a
> good shape and do a review of the rewritten debconf templates. And I
> know nothing about the package.
> Stil, maybe Paul could give a small help in this. That might include
> some hints about the need for the package nowadays. I can roughly
> guess that ISDN stuff is much less widely used now...but that's only a
> rought guess and I may be very wrong (some places, such as Germany,
> had|have a quite wide development of ISDN so there may be people who
> ar still using what's provided in the package.
Hi folks,

Just wanted to let you know I am back working on this.  I have a package
that builds with the "newer" upstream.  Right now I am moving all of the
existing patches to quilt, then I am going to re-write the packaging
using more debhelper stuff.  I'll try to keep you updated.


Barry deFreese
Debian QA

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