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Bug#549137: isdnutils: Pending removal of automake{1.4,1.7}, please update for automake1.9 or higher

Quoting Barry deFreese (bdefreese@debian.org):

> I was going to try to start from the newer upstream and see if I
> could fix the build system to just use automake 1.1x but it has
> sever reverse depends and I don't know the effect it might have on
> those.  Do you have any thoughts on that?  I'm happy to try to help
> with the autotools stuff.

No, I don't have any thoughts..:)

I went on this package because its templates were changed by the former
maintainer (Paul Slootman) when he uploaded the last version....

Paul actually apparently tried to fix every pending bug report in the
package before orphaning it (obvisouly because he ack'ed that, not
using it anymore he could not maintain it properly).

So, my involvment there is just to bring back the debconf l10n to a
good shape and do a review of the rewritten debconf templates. And I
know nothing about the package.

Stil, maybe Paul could give a small help in this. That might include
some hints about the need for the package nowadays. I can roughly
guess that ISDN stuff is much less widely used now...but that's only a
rought guess and I may be very wrong (some places, such as Germany,
had|have a quite wide development of ISDN so there may be people who
ar still using what's provided in the package.

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